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We are pleased to announce we are exhibiting the Rainbow Advocate and Educator program at this year’s Phoenix Pride Festival!

We hope to bring attention and awareness to our cause, and get more people registered for our next RAE Mod 1, scheduled in Feb. 2022. Our first class saw over 30 people certified, and we want to see even more in the next class!

The Phoenix Pride Festival event is being held at Indian Steele Park, in Phoenix. You can find a map HERE.

The festival is running Saturday November 6 – Sunday November 7, 2021. The admission gates open at 12:00 pm, both days.


Look for us among the vendor booths! We don’t know our specific location yet, but when you find our booth, you can pick up some PRIDE swag when you fill out our contact form. Filling out a form enters you into a raffle drawing to win a complimentary registration to our next Mod 1 RAE class!

Hope to see you there!

Event Link:

Register for Mod 1: