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We can provide private trainings for larger groups. Our curriculum is built to flex towards the audience, be it all licensed mental health professionals, educators, and even faith-based professionals.

Our mission is simple.

We implore you make further inclusive efforts to create safe spaces for people who may feel marginalized due to their sexuality, gender identity, or their gender expression. As society changes, employees and their needs also change. Our curriculum opens up the space businesses need to have these conversations to understand these needs. Once the training is completed, you can rest assured your team is knowledgeable and comfortable using the proper language and having a greater comprehension of the community.

We can cater to the needs of your business to ensure we provide a top-notch training experience for all.

Our colleagues at Caron Treatment Center are the first to register an entire class of people, and their staff will be RAE trained in the coming weeks!

Please reach out to Randall for information on a private training!
[email protected]